Envisioning the Colorado Food Guild

Written by Becky Blystone –

University of Colorado Denver’s Food Systems Research Group and the Mile High Business Alliance have joined forces to facilitate the creation of a Local Food Guild for the state of Colorado.  For the past few months, a diverse group of producers, organizers, distributers, chefs, eaters, and thinkers have been convening to lay the foundation for this Guild.
The Colorado Food Guild envisions an intellectual ecosystem to institute rapid change and progress in our local food economy so that our entire community can be properly nourished in a healthy, just, and sustainable manner.  We will accomplish this by connecting key stakeholders around a shared vision for Colorado’s food system, and creating effective collaborations to solve the problems we face.
Colorado’s Local Food Summit, held on March 3rd, 2014, gathered hundreds of food producers, farmers, distributers, processors, marketers, community organizers, land managers, and eaters from across the state; this Summit sought to build connections to create a healthy, resilient, and sustainable food economy for Colorado.  Within this venue, the Local Food Guild was launched, seeking the input and support of every level of “food,” from soil and seed to retail, restauranteurs, and diners.
There is much work to be done, but each step is progress made.  Making connections, establishing relationships, and developing a platform for voices to be heard is just the beginning for localizing Colorado’s food economy.
The University of Colorado Denver’s Food Systems Research Group is excited to be a part of this process, offering their expertise in research development, data collection, and information dissemination.  By enabling an understanding of what has been done and by whom, what is successful and what is not, what are obstacles and their potential solutions, the FSRG aims to provide informative resources for the Local Food Guild, further strengthening the localization of Colorado’s food economy.

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